Future Stars Youth Services STRTP Incorporated has been in the business of helping children and youth for over 15 years. Future Stars Youth Stars operates its program on the platform of helping adolescent females. We provide shelter and therapeutic care to youth who have been neglected, abandoned, and physically, emotionally, and or sexually abused. We accept youth between the ages of twelve to eighteen from counties all over the State of California. Youth are placed through the Department of Children and Family Services and Juvenile Probation. We offer specialty assistance programs that include traditional Adolescent Behavior Modification programs. Our homes are located in residential neighborhoods throughout San Bernardino County. Our program provides 24-hour care by teams of qualified Child Care workers. Our overnight staff remains awake and accessible to our youth around the clock.

Many of our youth have severe mental health needs resulting in inappropriate behaviors. Youth are held accountable through a structured daily milieu encouraging and rewarding positive behavior and redirecting problematic behavior through appropriate interventions. 

Future Stars Youth Services receives the state approved rate for STRTP placement services and all referrals are AFDC-FC eligible. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​